Lean Burn Cash

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Posted on 8th September 2016

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To redeem the offer

Redeem your cashback prior to midnight, Wednesday, 30 November 2016 via   LEAN BURN CASH.  Fill out the form and you’ll receive your cashback, its that easy! 

Please note:  You’ll have a choice to receive the cashback in either cheque or direct bank transfer. Any personal information entered into the Suzuki Marine website falls under the THG privacy policy and will not be shared. To view the policy, please visit  Suzuki Marine Privacy Policy. All redemptions beyond this date and time will not be accepted. 

Suzuki Marine’s “LEAN BURN CASH” campaign runs from 15 September–31 October 2016.  

Engines on Sale 

The below engines are on sale during Suzuki Marine’s LEAN BURN CASH campaign:

Engines on sale
Engines on sale
DF25AS $200 DF50ATL   $400
DF25AL $200 DF50ATHL $400
DF25ATHL $200 DF60ATL $450
DF25ATL $200 DF60ATHL $450
DF30ATS $250 DF60ATX $450
DF30ATHL $250 DF60AVTL $450
DF30ATL $250 DF60AVTX $450
DF30AQHL $250 DF70ATL $500
DF40ATL $300 DF70ATX $500
DF40ATHL $300    

Find your nearest Suzuki Marine dealer now to head in store and find out more.

Terms & conditions

This is for Australian & New Zealand residents only.  

The sale period is from Thursday, 15 September 2016 to midnight Monday, 31 October 2016. The promotion is DF25AS, DF25AL, DF25ATHL, DF25ATL receive $200 cashback, DF30ATS, DF30ATHL, DF30ATL, DF30AQHL receive $250 cashback, DF40ATL, DF40ATHL receive $300 cashback, DF50ATL and DF50ATHL receive $400 cashback, DF60ATL, DF60ATHL, DF60ATX, DF60AVTL, DF60AVTX receive $450 cashback, DF70ATL, DF70ATX receive $500 cashback. Warranty registration of the engine is required prior to midnight of Wednesday, 30 November 2016 (all warranty registrations after this date will not receive the offer). All cashback offers are to be claimed by redemption prior to midnight of Wednesday, 30 November 2016. All redemptions beyond this date and time will not be accepted. The invoice is required to be paid in full during the campaign period to receive the offer. All eligible cashback payments will be made by Friday, 9 December 2016. The cashback offer can only be redeemed by the consumer, once the engine has been registered for warranty by the dealer and the redemption process is followed online by the consumer. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. While stocks last. Back orders are not included. Available at participating Suzuki Marine dealers only.